The Membership for Accredited SILP Reviewers

As an accredited SILP Reviewer, you know the ‘how to’ when it comes to reviews. Outmoded processes which lacked real engagement or were designed to hold agencies to account never resonated with you. Establishing yourself and your review practice is your important next step. Reviewers with integrity & a strong focus on participant experience are much needed in this period of intense & rapid change. My invitation to you is to join a space in which you can grow & develop yourself & your practice through connection & community with like minded individuals.

What is the biggest difference between the reviewer who reflects,
updates & develops practice & self versus the reviewer who is still
waiting for the vision & clarity to align with the needs of the sector?
  • if you think they successfully secure every commission they pursue, you would be wrong

  • if you think they have the reputation, academic or national pool status, you would be wrong
  • if you think every review they undertake is received with gratitude & appreciation, you would be wrong

All of these things may make a difference to some extent. But those who believe in supporting local areas through giving structured, conscious feedback operate without the need for any of this. Their aspiration is not an overnight ‘system fix’, & they don’t entertain arguments that ‘reviews don’t work’. They are intrinsically motivated by the value of the process, enabling them to accommodate many changes to written outputs with grace & ease.

I have created a learning experience to provide you with access to :

  • 4 live group training sessions, with accompanying audio, video & pdf material to help you get the most from our time together
  • learning materials that give you the edge when you are preparing your next review at each stage. These range from all the ‘how to’ templates & tools you have come to expect plus a developing library of content designed to develop you & your practice on-the-go in your day-to-day work

  • connection & community with those who offer what you do & those who commission reviews, plus access to the leading thinkers in our field

  • to one-to-one mentoring in your SILP reviews

  • access to SILP review opportunities via email including Review Consulting contract & commissioning service, including weekly chasing of late payments 

The doors to our annual CPD membership option* open only once a year, & for this year’s programme they close on 4th November 2021.

In 2021/22 you can expect:

  • appreciative resources developed under Devon Early Adopters Scheme & interactive workshop with those who developed them in practice
  • the ‘new’ arrangements for local child safeguarding practice reviews & what makes them different to serious case reviews **
  • formulating strengths based recommendations & securing sign up for strengths based models
  • Insights from Safeguarding Adult Reviews in Rapid Time
  • topical content as the year progresses


Detailed session plan will follow. Click here to enrol

Download the calendar here 

Download the CPD bonus trainings here

*pay as you go monthly payment options continue throughout the year

**early bird bonus session

Enrol now & unlock your early bird benefits.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Testimonials SILP CPD

... stimulated me to reflect on my own practice , organisational practice and behaviours and it led me to wider reading’

‘I liked the structure and meeting other team members’

‘I feel that the course has given me confidence to embark on my future role & I am really excited to complete the assignment & do a review..’

Single Payment

£275 + VAT SILP Founder*

[*Accredited before 01 01 20]

Membership Price
£325 + VAT



Payment Monthly

 Membership Price

[1st payment 1 September onwards]]
12 Monthly Payments of
£32 + VAT

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