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How to Ensure the Family Remains Integral to Your Review Even When There Are Delays

Click here to access 'Making Families Integral to Your Review: The 4 Pillars' to see how this compares with your current practice.

I am joined by Frank Mullane, CEO of Advocacy Against Fatal Domestic Abuse, AAFDA.

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, examining the different types of delay it may encounter.

In this training we will share:

  • How to make the 4 pillars work for you, focussing on the challenges of our current context
  • The cycle the family may experience & how a good ending might look
  • THE BIG QUESTION: what is practicable & achievable at each stage to achieve our objective?

Join the masterclass here - £47 + VAT

Consume all 4 masterclasses here - £125 + VAT


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