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3 Simple Strategies for a Successful Sign off Meeting - Whatever the Format

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, examining in detail the meeting at which the overview report is signed off.

For these meetings there are a variety of formats in use, with an increased need for creativity in our unusual times. Their success can be enhanced dramatically without the need for advanced tech skills or years of experience in webinar delivery.

In this training I will share:

  • Our tool for preparing those who will quality assure the report; plus our time saving strategy to identify what more is needed from the reviewer in advance of sign off;
  • My 'Bottom Line Requirement' for avoiding misunderstandings about the learning. Learn how use of visuals can increase buy in. Warning: leave this one out & risk poor ownership or lack of ownership of your well crafted recommendations or questions
  • THE BIG QUESTION :  how to avoid generating a list of proposed amendments that the reviewer cannot implement [yes, I am familiar with this scenario!]

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