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How to Learn From Strong Practice Without Compromising on a Robust Review

Click here to access '3 Pillars for a Successful Strengths Based Review' to see how this compares with your current practice.

I am joined by Brendan Clifford, Independent Reviewer & Black Country Councils Heath & Care Integration Lead. The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, exploring how to prioritise strong practice, deepening your analysis beyond purely understanding weaknesses.

In this training we will share:

  • How to make the SILP Strengths Based Review Formula work for you, focussing on learning from what went well whilst maintaining a proportionate approach

  • The cycle the stakeholders in the review may experience & how a good ending may look

  • THE BIG QUESTION: what is practicable & achievable to ensure our reviews embrace strengths yet also fully understand shortcomings in practice & meet statutory guidance?

Join the masterclass here - £47 + VAT

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