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How to Avoid Unnecessary Delay In Reviews Involving Parallel Proceedings

Click here to access the Principles of Appropriate Pushback in Your Review to see how this compares with your current practice.

I am joined by Dr John Fox, Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth & Lead Reviewer.

The training is designed to apply to all forms of review, exploring when it is appropriate to exert challenge, reversing the default position from inevitability around delay.

In this training we will share:

  • How to make the Principles of Pushback work for you, whilst maintaining respect & integrity around both processes & what they need to achieve.

  • What pushback might achieve for you & others in each of the 4 stages & how a good ending may look

  • THE BIG QUESTION: Once any resistance has been understood during a review’s early stages, how to negotiate on the most appropriate point at which a step may legitimately be taken

Join the masterclass here - £47 + VAT

Consume all 4 masterclasses here - £125 + VAT


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