Robust Reviews Using Appreciative Inquiry Techniques

Thursday 15th September 2022, 1.00-2.30pm

For many of us, is the idea of adopting an appreciative focus in your reviews aligned with your values? If your reviews create an open learning culture avoiding notions of blame I imagine this does feel aligned. So, what comes next? Should reviews adopt a solutions focus, a strengths focus, or should the approach mirror the appreciative inquiry? And what effect does it have on the challenge & robust nature of the analysis needed for a statutory review? How would we convince others that all shortcomings have been considered? Surely this will be compromised...

When we examine the 4 pillars of appreciative reviews [you can download these here], we soon recognise that applying them to your review has no effect on whether you challenge & analyse shortcomings in practice. On the contrary, they complement this kind of analysis. They prepare review participants to learn & share more openly by creating a collaborative & analytical environment.

These 4 pillars are exactly as we teach those who undertake the SILP Appreciative Inquiry Certification™. Sign up for this 90 minute masterclass which will get you started with the techniques, plus how & where to apply them in your next review.

I will take this opportunity to take you through a recently completed SILP appreciative inquiry review, including how the review itself dealt with shortcomings. Perceptions of families, practitioners and those who had to sign of the review will be weaved into this workshop. 

Is convincing others of the merits of this approach a barrier for you? We will cover how to bring others with you to ensure your appreciative review gets over the line at the point of sign off.

I am Donna Ohdedar, & I support review commissioners, participants,
quality assurance professionals & reviewers to improve the quality of
reviews. I want to share a live workshop with you where I will respond to questions from you, the live audience.

You are invited to this free live podcast workshop designed for those
involved in Domestic Homicide Reviews, Safeguarding Adults Reviews &
Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews.

Join me for 90 minutes of discussion plus Q & A, where I will share my thoughts & invite questions from you, the audience. My aim is to shed light on the situations we encounter in reviews just like the ones you contribute to, read, quality assure or write.

Click here to join.


Donna Ohdedar, Head of SILP

Donna has 16 years public sector experience, including her last role as Head of Law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safeguarding adviser & trainer, Donna is involved in serious case reviews in both children’s and adults’ safeguarding, domestic homicide and is a SILP Reviewer and Mentor. Donna offers ‘SILP School’ her university accredited training course, CPD for reviewers & a free online network for leaders in review practice. Click here to join. Click here to hear the latest episode of the Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse Sector podcast.

The Learning Experience

Are you ready to learn & reflect with me? You know it will be inspiring & thought provoking. My aim is to support the learning & improvement community to unlock positive changes in their next review.









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