SILP School 2023

As a blue light professional who is ready to transition from the pressure of a public sector role, your dedication to serving the community is at the heart of your values. But it's now apparent that this relentless cycle is not conducive to a balanced lifestyle.

Join SILP School, my innovative programme that equips you with the knowledge, skills and tools to transition into a high quality independent reviewer role.

‘I would fully recommend this course, I’m nearly at the end now & I’ve found it to be informative, challenging & a strengths based model that really resonates with me. ..I hope it has made me a stronger practitioner. More able to think & understand without blame, support & develop learning & improved practice. It’s been great to connect & learn alongside peers from across the disciplines. Thank you... & look forward to working with you in the future’ SILP Trainee, 2021

Career change or upskill in’s time to re-think what's important to you.


The solution is SILP School, the opportunity to pivot your career in a direction that values your skills and experiences, but also respects you as an individual with personal needs and aspirations. It's more than just a programme – it's a lifestyle change, an opportunity to take control and consciously shape your work-life balance.

This is my personal invitation to you to join a network of highly skilled reviewers who are trained & supported to offer the SILP methodology. SILP is a registered trademark, & only accredited reviewers with our mentoring, support & annual refresher training are able to offer. Hear what a SILP School 2021 graduate has to say in the video below.


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The only online learning experience that combines step by step practical skills building with personal development & 360 degree feedback, networking and a chance to participate in a simulated learning event including a 6 week orientation programme plus a combination of recorded material & live support that is tailored specifically for review commissioners, participants & reviewers with a background in a safeguarding profession at management level who want to join a network of highly skilled reviewers who are trained & supported to offer the trademarked SILP methodology.

Having devoted 16 years of my life to public sector service, I am offering a unique opportunity to help you create a new solution, a new path, that doesn't ask you to choose between your career and your personal life. I discovered an alternative way, and it's a solution I'm eager to share with you. 


The opportunity before you is SILP School, an 18 week online programme expressly designed to facilitate the transition of professionals like you, who are seeking an avenue into a more flexible and fulfilling career as an independent reviewer.


You can gain credits towards masters level courses in a university accredited training programme ... a launch pad to your second degree

Download the course outline here.

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Our SILP graduates come from a variety of backgrounds. The one thing they all have in common is that they already have busy professional lives. In fact, if you can reserve just 90 minutes a week you can dedicate the time needed to graduate from SILP School and unlock a new way of working. 

This is my personal invitation to you to join a network of highly skilled reviewers who receive training & support to offer the SILP methodology. Do it sooner rather than later & you will receive access to training materials, weekly drop in sessions with me & a private members forum to allow for pre-course discussion of the reading list. SILP is a registered trademark, & only accredited reviewers with our mentoring, support & annual refresher training are able to offer. 

So click here take step one on the road to accreditation now. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can now take advantage of our fast action bonus offer.

You can pay with one upfront single payment of £2997 + VAT


Pay Monthly 9 Monthly Payments of £399 + VAT


Pay a deposit of £99 + VAT and then 11 payments of £323 + VAT

Invoice payment is acceptable upon request.

Includes: access to SILP School, live online Q & A sessions, membership of private online network, plus additional optional bonus trainings

With a rough expectation of 18 hours spread across the pre-reading, delivered content, Q & A sessions & assignment writing participants will spend 1 to 1.5 hours per week on average on completing the course. However, the assignment writing period [15 April to 24 May 2024] is likely to require an increased time commitment compared to other weeks. Details of what’s on offer in the orientation phase can be found here.

As you will see from the schedule, we have built in 2 implementation weeks. During these weeks no new content is released & there is an opportunity to engage in live online Q & A sessions with course tutors.  

Please visit SILP School Assessment. We will move speedily to inform you as to whether you are eligible to apply.

Enrolment is already open for this programme.

Are you ready to join & begin by having access to the material, but your chosen intake doesn’t start just yet? If so, you may wish to join the SILP School Pre-Orientation Runway. This will enable you to make a start & meet your peers in the group who will begin the SILP School journey with you in the next intake.

SILP is a registered trademark. Use of the SILP methodology is authorised for SILP Accredited Reviewers undertaking commissions arranged or approved by Review Consulting Ltd under suitable mentoring arrangements. SILP reviewers are required to undertake annual refresher training. We see the potential for the following models for reviewing cases : 1. An independent lead reviewer working alone 2. An independent lead reviewer working alongside an in house lead reviewer 3. An in house reviewer reviewing the case of an organisation from which that reviewer is independent 4.Two independent reviewers working together if the circumstances of the case or the commissioning organisation require it


You have the choice whether or not to sign an agreement after graduation. The terms suggest there is no obligation for Review Consulting Ltd to provide work & no obligation on the reviewer to accept work. As a SILP reviewer, we hope you would present as an ambassador of the SILP model, able to discuss its merits & sign post those who wish to know more. However, you are encouraged to accept other independent work. There is no guarantee of independent work for any SILP reviewer. We can only observe the patterns in the market & decide year upon year whether to run a course. Some first time reviewers find it hard to achieve their first commission & have to apply repeatedly until that opportunity arises.


Graduates qualify for 20 Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) credits at Level 7 (Masters) against courses offered by the Institute of Criminal justice Studies, University of Portsmouth if applied for within 5 years. Note: This RPL may also be accepted by other higher education institutions but this would be at their discretion.


If you would like to speak to a member of our team please using the following booking link:


Donna Ohdedar

Donna has 16 years public sector experience, including her last role as Head of Law for a leading metropolitan authority. Now a safeguarding adviser, solutions focused mentor, public speaker & trainer, Donna offers her university accredited training programme, SILP School. She is also host of the Safeguarding & Domestic Abuse Sector podcast.

Testimonials SILP School


‘A structured orientation programme helps to maintain both momentum, focus and also to feel part of a community on the journey together.’

‘I appreciated the highlighting of key documents’

The combination of reading lists & discussion sessions ... stimulated me to reflect on my own practice , organisational practice and behaviours and it led me to wider reading’

‘I liked the structure and meeting other team members’

‘I feel that the course has given me confidence to embark on my future role & I am really excited to complete the assignment & do a review..’

‘The course has exceeded my expectations with the amount of discussion & individuality. And I am really pleased with the future support I am able to access. Thank you. I am excited to start!’

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